Bullfighting abolition: Who are we?

Basta Platform: For the abolition of bullfighting

The civic platform “Basta de Touradas” gathers a large number of citizens from different backgrounds of society, and has a strong support from the Portuguese animal rights movement (more than 100 in 2021), continuing to evolve with respect, tolerance and consideration for the abolition of bullfighting.

We represent an unequivocal social will, that doesn’t accept the perpetuation in the 21st century of a violent spectacle that implies the unnecessary suffering of thousands of animals.

“Basta” is a wide spread, unifying, regardless of political, religious or any other orientations platform, that came to be after the movement towards abolition of bullfighting, winner of the initiative “My Movement” created by the Portuguese Government, which goal was to find out what was the most popular cause in the country.

Movement for the abolition of bullfighting in the Portuguese Parlament.
Platform “Basta de Touradas”

The cause for the abolition of bullfighting was the most voted from the Portuguese citizens, in more than a thousand of different causes, fact that led to a meeting with Portuguese Prime Minister and the State Secretary of Culture in S. Bento on the 8th of May in 2012.

The abolitionist cause would once again be featured in the 2nd edition of “Meu Movimento” with the majority of the thousands of citizens that participated in the initiative electing the cause “Fim do dinheiro publico para as touradas”. The defenders of the abolition were once again received by the Prime Minister Passos Coelho and the State Secretary of Culture Jorge Barreto Xavier, in the 19th of February in 2013, manifesting their disagreement in the application of millions of euros of public funds supporting the development of bullfighting activities in Portugal.

Movement for the abolition of bullfighting with the Portuguese Prime Minister.

The success of these two civic movements, converging in constructive and positive attitude, originated a unifying civic platform and determined on its purpose: the abolition of bullfighting in Portugal.

The bullfighting in Portugal constitute an exception on the law 92/95 of September 12, which prohibits “any unjustified violence towards animals, considering for this matter consisting acts, with no need, if inflicts death, cruel and extended suffering or severe injuries in an animal.”

What do we want?

  1. Bullfighting do not generate tourism or wealth for the country, being a type of spectacle internationally repulsed because of the unjustified violence towards animals;
  1. Bullfighting are unstainable from an economical point of a view. The activity survives because of public funds given by the local authorities, by Government and recurring to funds of the European Union;
  1. “Basta” defends the abolition of bullfighting in Portugal representing the will of most of the Portuguese citizens that don’t relate to this type of dated and violent practices.
  1. “Basta” recognizes, however, that there is a small fringe in our society that still values bullfighting, and should be respected.
  1. “Basta” looks to contribute to the civilizational progress of our society, to its pacification and to the appreciation of others festive practices; ludic and peaceful that happens in our country and deserves to be appraised.

Together for the evolution!

Basta. Platform for the abolition of bullfighting in Portugal.